How to Know God’s Will in Your Life

Profile of woman praying

How Can You Know God’s Will?

From Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss

Job’s falling to his knees symbolizes the mystical act of surrender we all must make in order to trust God’s plan for us within the vast scheme of creation. We all have to surrender our need for our world to be ordered according to our conceptions of justice, logic, and rational motives. Just as you must have realized by now that your world does not, in fact, revolve around you – that you have  very little authority over your life and that even making it alive until sundown is not in your hands – you must reach the stage of spiritual maturity where you surrender to God.

The most difficult struggle for me is letting go and letting God. Is it the same for you? Why is it we cannot see God’s hand in our lives? As I look back on my sixty plus years I see many examples of God’s touch when I stepped aside.

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