God’s Eye View

Aerial view of irrigated fields


Being a frequent flyer has given me many opportunities to view the earth from a different perspective.  I am still amazed that on a clear day, from 30,000 feet up, you can see that the landscape is laid out in very clearly delineated squares, rectangles, and other geometric shapes.  The effect is the same whether flying over rural countryside, small towns, or major cities.  Rivers and roads snake through them, giving them a connection to one another.  What might seem like chaos when you’re stuck right in the middle of it can actually have an overarching sense of order and purpose.  Even a maze that feels confusing and inescapable really does have an end point and a way out when viewed from above.

Our sin-battered world is in moral freefall, it would seem, with evil ever increasing.  From our limited human perspective, we could easily feel overwhelmed and powerless.  We are not!  God is still with us and has no limits.  His ways and His thoughts are so much higher than ours. The ultimate “view from above.”  The fact that God sees from the beginning to the end gives us comfort and hope.  A future (Jeremiah29:11).  He does have an overarching plan and divine purpose that will not be thwarted by man.  One day, when God righteously judges all, what has not been apparent will be clearly laid out for us to see.  In the meantime, rest in that assurance and let your heart take flight.

Sharon Bell, SMORE Advisory Board Member

August 5th, 2014

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