Bedtime Routine

The Picture Bible

Story Time

One of the things I did right for a little while. At my age you can certainly think of the many things you wish you had done when raising your kids. This is one thing we did that I remember fondly.

At bed time we would all pile up on one bed and I would read to them. Their eager young minds were wonderful. It was an experience I couldn’t possibly treasure the way I do today. I was too exhausted and preoccupied most nights.

During one period we read from The Picture Bible. The kids loved it. It was like one story linking to another and another. They didn’t want to stop. After reading of the episodes of the Israelites in the wilderness. The fact that they kept failing to “get it right” wasn’t lost on my son. He shook his little blond head and exclaimed, “Why don’t they get it?”

I wonder when will the human race ‘get it?’

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