Kids Think Moms Have All the Power

Three kids at Stephanie's

Moms Have All the Power-Right?

Children seem to think their mothers control everything. After all – don’t we? Moms feed them. Moms diaper them. Moms drive them places. Moms know exactly how long to microwave all things. Moms provide the clothes. Or so it may seem to the kids.

One day after my husband left when the children were seven, five and four years old we went to a local restaurant. As we sat at the table in the center of the room there was talk of where Daddy was. Why was he not with us?

“Well, Daddy doesn’t live with us anymore.” Difficult words to say and more difficult to comprehend when you thought you’d be married forever. Not really knowing how young children could possibly process this statement I left it at that.

When my youngest child spoke up, so loudly that everyone around us could hear, “What I want to know is-why did you marry someone who would go off and leave us like this?”


  1. My 10 year old did something similar the other day at the store, I said come on we have to get home so I clean before dad gets off work. And he said very loudly, why dont you just tell dad he is my father not yours, you already have one.

    1. Amazing what our kids can teach us with their perspectives on life, isn’t it?

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Ohmygosh! Ms. Gail I absolutely laughed out loud at your story. I could SO hear one of my kids saying something like that. Very relatable.

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