Single Mom Questions-Answered by a Tough Old Bird

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Gail Cawley Showalter

This is the first of our second Thursday Q&A posts.

A single mom who is a nutrition specialist, asked,

“What does health mean to you?”

For me health is more than physical. It is also mental, emotional and spiritual. So health requires lots of balanced beyond a balanced diet.

Physical-I recently started using the My Fitness Pal App on my phone. It has made me conscious of every calorie. And as a direct result, I’ve lost five pounds I had not been able to loss before. It’s kinda fun to scan things and realize I do have at least one area of my life under control. It has been a learning experience. I also try to cook more and eat out less. This takes work, and planning. Moving is good. Sitting all day is hazardous to your heath.

Mental-I tell single mothers frequently, “Your thoughts are the source.” Most of us have loads of stinking thoughts that we seldom recognize as such. Mental health require exercise too. We must first be aware of the thoughts that are unhealthy. Then replace with a positive and constructive one.

Emotional-Living and making decisions based on our emotions is flat out dangerous. I don’t recommend it. Your emotions follow your thoughts. Once your develop the muscle of your mental health your emotional health will follow.

Spiritual-Of course, as you might expect, I’ve saved the best for last. I believe that when we are spiritually healthy, we will be motivated to be healthy in every other way. Our bodies, our physical selves, are the temple through which our Creator works. We are responsible for taking care of it. This may mean sacrificing our favorite drink or exercising more. Our minds are the vehicles through which we hear the voice directing us to follow Him. Emotions can serve us or destroy us. Ironically we get to choose.

Do you choose to be healthy? If so, tell us how.

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  1. pattiburris · · Reply

    As a single mom, my kids need me to stay healthy. I also, want to set that example for them. Being healthy in all areas of our lives is so important.

    Physically- I am a diabetic and I have high blood pressure. I have both under control with medication and diet. I slip at times, but that’s when I really have to lean on the Lord. Staying away from the sugar and salt. I don’t like to exercise, but I know how important it is to my overall health.

    Mental- I love to read and keep my mind active. I graduated 2 years ago from a community college with my associates degree. At age 43, that was a huge step. I love to learn and think of life as my classroom.

    Emotional- I am prone to worry, so it is important for me to really surrender everything to God. Setting boundaries is important, especially with the toxic people in our lives.

    Spiritual- I try to do everything I can to grow in my relationship with God. I am vigilant about guarding my heart. I try to watch what goes into my spirit/heart, so that what comes out is pure. It isn’t easy and I make mistakes, but I try.

    1. Sounds to me like you are doing well, especially considering all you are dealing with. Blessings!

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