Humor for Single Moms Who Need a Chuckle

Mother confronting child

Murphy’s Law for Mothers

from Raising Arrows

  1. If you wear black, they will have a runny nose.
  2. If you wear white, they will have muddy hands.
  3. If you change their diaper, they will immediately poop in the new one.
  4. If you mop the floor, they will spill something.
  5. If you put on fresh socks, you will immediately step in whatever was spilled.
  6. If it is perfect, they will fix that for you.
  7. If you say it, they will repeat it.
  8. If it’s important, they will forget it.
  9. If you’re tired, they will not be.
  10. If you love them, you will see the beauty in it all.

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