Single Moms-What Are You Missing?

Thru braches

Photo taken by Laurie Harris

What Are You Missing?

by Laurie Harris

It’s gone

or at least most of it is gone,

and I miss it.

All of the top branches of the side yard tree have been chopped off,

and all that is left is a tall trunk of a tree without its sheltering arms.

As I let Heather, my dog, out this morning, I do what I always do

yet didn’t realize it really until this morning, that I always do it, I looked up.

I looked up

towards the roof line,

where the canopy of branches

would reach out over the house.

I looked up

and there were no branches this morning

and my heart sank.

In that moment I realized that I would really miss the side yard tree.

I would miss the birds that flew to and fro from its branches and perched upon them to sing a song.

I would miss seeing the moon and sun peeking through its leaves flickering messages of light.

I would miss the leafy rustling language of a breeze as it was just passing through.

I would miss its details of growth from season to season.

I would miss its cooling shade and canopy of tranquility.

I will miss the tree’s arm of nature curled over the shoulder of our house

and the restful peace I felt when sitting under its branches.

And the other thing is

I knew I would miss it

but I didn’t know I would miss it.

I am touched at how God uses His creation to minister to his people, even in just a side yard tree.

Is it any wonder that a tree, God’s creation, could make such a difference in my life and my days?

An even greater difference in my life has been me turning to God

day after day

decision after decision

with gratitude and praise

this is a truth that I know and have experienced.

There is another wonderful and simple truth that I have known in my life

unlike a tree that can be cut down and no longer be present

God will always be there

He is there with His canopy of love

He is there with His shelter of grace

He is there with His message of light within His word.

There have been times that I did not acknowledge God and did not communicate with Him which resulted in me not feeling His presence and also missing Him…but

He has never left me

He will never leave me

He will always remain

sigh. . . Hallelujah!


  1. Thank you, Linda. I appreciate you encouragement.

  2. AMAZING… I can relate to this..I feel the same way about my relationship with God..Very well written..

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