There is no pain like…


There is no pain like rejection by someone you love.

It cuts at who we are. . .

slices and leaves us bleeding.


Have  I tended to my wounds?

I will treat myself gently.



Dear Moms,

Please do spend some time getting to know yourself. Always remember – never take rejection personally. (The Four Agreements) If you are bleeding from rejection, the loss of a relationship or even the death of a spouse, I encourage you to try one or two of these suggestions:

  • Make an appointment for yourself to take a walk.
  • Give yourself a manicure.
  • Prepare a meal of your favorite foods, set the table, and serve yourself with candlelight.
  • Set an empty chair across from you and have a conversation with “yourself.”
  • Take a personality profile.
  • Play your favorite CD and sing along.
  • Do something you’ve dreamed of doing, but never done before.

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