Thou Shalt Not Steal

Today our car was broken into while we ate at iHop in Ennis, south of Dallas. We were returning from the Christian Women in Media conference. The theives shattered a side window. They hit it rich. We lost Sam’s MacBook Pro, my MacBook Air (which is a precious tool for me), Sam’s very nice camera & case, a suitcase full of clothes, a garment bag, and my jewelry, and oh, Sam’s iPad as well as his new glasses. We have spent all afternoon making calls to stop any activity on online accounts and sites.

We know that these are only “things,” but I must add they took several days of our lives as we will have to recoup and deal with replacing all that was lost including two manuscripts I was working on.

I have a photo of the shattered window, but alas it is on my iPhone and this is an old PC computer.

Don’t you just want to stop all the ugliness in this world?


  1. Margaret Stacey · · Reply

    So sorry. Saw you on church. Can I do anything? I am praying for clarity of mind to wade through this mess. Love and concern for you two. David and margaret

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Nothing to do. We are hustling to get as much replace before our next trip. We are fortunate and we know it.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your material losses. What an absolute violation! The person or people who stole from you need much prayer. 😦

    1. Yup, they do need prayers. Today I’m praying as David did-Let them fall into the pit they dug for me. Tomorrow I will try to be more kind. Smiling.
      Missed you today.

  3. dear gail….i am a friend of laurie harris. and i saw mention of the burglary on her facebook page. i am praying for you as a victim of a burglary myself. we live @ the end of a dead end road…in the country, small community…and our home was targeted over two years ago by people that likely knew me. it was devastating. not the loss of “things” but the loss of a sense of security. they were never caught and hope that these people look @ the items they took if still in their possession {mostly antiques and good “junk”} and it weighs on their heart.

    even in my business shoplifting has and will likely continue to be a problem. perhaps it’s naive of me to say but i like to think the world is mostly good, heck {GREAT}! and i am with you in wanting/wishing the ugliness to go away. thinking of you…

    1. Hi Beth, I feel like I know you through Laurie. I love your jewelry and your creativity. Thanks for the thoughts.

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