Pray, Single Moms, and Keep Praying

God’s Measure of Response

by Laurie Harris

Laurie's graphic for God's response

Photo by Laurie Harris

I’ve just been reflecting on prayer a lot more lately

  • saying them more often
  • in those trying moments
  • in those dream moments
  • in those daily moments
  • rather than one long prayer at the beginning or end of my day
  • or the occasional meal blessing or bowing of my head at church
  • and I’m making note of how God answers because
  • he always answers, even when we don’t think He does or don’t think He will

 I Thessalonians 5:17 pray without ceasing

I had a rough first day this week in teaching…a couple of classes were just really hard to deal with and I felt I was going out of my mind.  I went home exhausted, exasperated, anxious about the next day.

Do you ever stay up late with that feeling that you can put off the next day arriving, and yet you know it doesn’t work that way and that all you’re really doing is making it worse by staying up late and not getting your rest?   That is where I was at when I decided to pray about those classes and asking God to give me what I needed to direct those classes better.

Long story short, those two classes weren’t a problem the next day—I barely had to do anything for them to behave better. The classes went smoothly, and me, I wondered, “Now why were you so anxious?”

I found myself sighing with relief but also feeling surprised…when I sensed the spirit within saying,

“Why are you surprised, didn’t you ask me for help?”  It wasn’t that I thought God couldn’t or wouldn’t answer my prayer, it is just that I thought I would need to do more than I needed to do and I didn’t.  I expected that it was going to still be a difficult day of reining in the students and that God was just going to give me what was needed to stay sane in those hours but…He did more than that…there was a much greater calm that day and each day after that.  He outdid my expectations…isn’t that just like Him to do that kind of thing.

I’m so thankful that God’s measure of response to my prayers is not based on my limited vision of an answer.

I’m delighted when I can look back on how God works in His timing and the timing is always right on.

I’m delighted how His answers sometimes come as delightful morsels of surprises, making the answered prayer an even more meaningful testimony.

I came home that day and wrote,

Sometimes. . .

– when you expect the worse

– that isn’t exactly what happens

– especially when you pray about it

– humbly and gratefully, I say Thank you, God.

Laurie Harris headshot

Laurie Harris

As a teacher, I feel most rewarded when I can make a difference in students’ lives and kindle a desire to learn.  I love experiencing new things and find that it inspires me to be creative and share with others.  Some of my main passions are singing and photography, but I sometimes express my feelings through poetry or prose, sharing what God is doing in my life as He teaches me along the way.  I feel honored and grateful when God can use my creativity for His glory because my goal is to “do all to the glory of God.”                I Corinthians 10:31

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  1. Thank you for this encouraging message. I agree “Prayer is the key!”

  2. Everlina Lee · · Reply

    Prayer is the key! We must pray daily for all situations. Before you even began to start or think about a project you must go to God asking and seeking direction, while opening up up mind to hear what he has to say then accept it. Through my daily walk as a servant of God ( as it as not been easy) because you sometime feel yourself all also. I love people and always there to help, but my joy come from helping the elderly. So many are left alone with no one to help. I am active in my church, but I feel that God has a higher calling on my life to help people. I pray daily that he show me what it is he would have me do and let me be acceptable and willingly when he reveal it to me. I have been a single mother and are well aware how we must communicate with each other, giving each other strength to go forward, (for we cannot do it along) putting God. first. I love the Lord and I Pray without ceasing. Everlina Lee

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