Program for Single Moms-Gail talks about “Making Right Choices”

Making Decisions as a single mom is often the hardest part of the job.

Caricature of Gail as tough old birdSingle Moms,

I know how difficult it can be. I was a single mother of three for sixteen years. Now I’m a tough ole bird with a soft spot for single moms. You truly do have the toughest job on earth. Consider that it is a job and it is tough. Respect yourself. Take a few minutes to learn ways to handle it. This blog will do that for you.

A new video is up on our website. Click HERE

Scroll down to the three videos on the homepage.



  1. I appreciate your comments, thanks. This post is receiving lots of attention and I’m guessing it is because we all wish we could turn back the clocks and calendars and redo some of our past decisions. I hope younger moms like yourself will benefit.

  2. Thanks so much for this wonderful video on making the right choices as a single mom. Very encouraging, Gail! I love the part about not repeating past mistakes.

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