Single Moms-Expect to Be Blessed

house being held in two open hands

My friend, Stephanie, just bought a new house. She and I, both single mothers, shared a lot in common, but I hadn’t dreamed of buying a house on my own-until now.

“I want a place with trees and character.” I told my fellow teachers in the lounge the following week. How in the world I could finance a house was beyond me at that point. We had lived with Mom and in rent houses since the divorce several years before. It made sense not to pay rent if I could get into a house.

“You should buy Deena Wood’s house,” one of my teacher friends suggested.

“I didn’t know it was for sale.”

Deena lived in one of the cottage style homes that were steps away from the home where I grew up. One of my sister’s friends lived there when we were young. A small park separated my mother’s house and Deena’s. There were large oak trees in front and back. The location would be perfect.

What was I thinking? I couldn’t afford a house. That night I called anyway.

“Hi, this is Gail Cawley. . .Parks,” Deena’s husband, Harry, answered the phone. “I heard that your house was for sale. I’d like to know what you are selling your house for?”

He gave me the price and my heart sank. “That’s what I thought it might be. I can’t afford it, but thanks anyway.” I hung up the wall phone and the reality of purchasing a home set in. How did I think I could buy a house?

Just a few minutes later the phone rang. This was long before caller I.D. I answered it.

“Gail, this is Harry Wood. Deena and I talked about it and decided for you we will sell the house for,” and he said ten thousand dollars less than the price he had told be earlier.

Chocking back the tears of joy, I said, “Oh, my. Really?”

“Yes,” he assured me.

“I might can manage that,” I said, almost unable to speak.

Ultimately with a little help from Mom for the down payment and a loan for new first time homebuyers I was able to purchase a home. In the years that followed it proved to be the most perfect location. My mother could walk over and she was always available to the kids. They developed a strong bond with her. Each child could get to the campus of their schools on bikes. The high school where I worked was right around the corner.

 “You may make your plans, but God directs your actions.” Proverbs 16:9 GNT

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