Single Moms’ Questions for 2013

Single Moms,

As you begin a New Year ask yourself some serious questions.

  1. What is my most precious strength?
  2. What is my most serious problem?
  3. What do each of my children need most from me?
  4. How could I use my strength to solve my most serious problem?
  5. How could I use my strength to meet the needs of my children?
  6. How am I living (specifically) a Christian example for my children?

You do have strengths. You can achieve great things as you lean on the Lord. Trust and Work. Pray and Work. Believe and Work.


  1. Just want alife some one to hear all

    1. Diana, Please send message to my email address – single

  2. If u e mail me I can explain storie

  3. Need help I know I can help lots of moms out in the world with all I’ve experienced with 2pf my children’s dad killed when I was 7 months pergent daughter with brain injury 2sons n jail my mother lifted me on a cornering beg for ome onto help me

  4. Kama single mom with lots of pain my daughter has a brain injury hit by car 2 so sin prison all I know is abuse iam Christian disabled no family I am. Egging to write a book to help all moms

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