Shame and Self-doubt Shouldn’t be Part of Your Life

Single moms often deal with shame and self-doubt as do many woman.

As we complete our study of My Own Worst Enemy by Janet Davis we looked back at the many women mentioned in the scriptures. We noticed that each one was given honor and respect for her place as a woman and for her actions.

As you continue onward I hope you will recognize that you are worthy.  One of the core values of SMORE for Women is that “Single mothers are worthy of receiving respect.”

Here are the messages inspired by the book:

Journey to Find Yourself, Do You Know Who You Are?

Creativity Out of Solitude, Discover Your Creative Self

Are You Shining? Recoiling or Radiant?

How Can I Be Strong as Single Mom When I Feel So Weak?

Saying No Even When the Consequences Hurt

How a Single Mom Breaks the Rules and Discovers Grace

One Way to Reinvent Yourself After Divorce

Choosing to Grow Up -Assertiveness

Saying “Yes” to God

God values you.

He holds your hand.

If you trip he holds on.

If you stumble he steadies you.

If you fall face first into the mud, he lifts you up.

He is walking with you.


  1. Single mothers are the strongest women I know. I have great love and admiration for them. It is a tough path. When they stay on it their lives and the lives of their children are more blessed.

  2. Yes they are really worthy and they must be honored because imagine they raise good children even if they don’t have partners in raising. A single mom is a very strong woman because despite of the financial, emotional and physical problem they still stand up for their children and themselves. They must be loved and cared by their kids. Having a single mom is very thankful and proud because they don’t leave their responsibilities. Cheers to all Mothers who raise their children alone.

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