Easy-going versus Driven Producer

personality predicaments with puzzle piecesSMORE for Women

Easy-going versus Driven Producer.

Perfectionist versus Happy-Go-Lucky.

We are all different.

Applaud the unique in us.

How might I show my kids to do this?

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  1. I would love ideas of how to teach my children to embrace who they are. I struggled with this growing up, feeling like I didn’t necessarily fit the family “mold.” I don’t want my kids to feel this as it has taken me over 30 years to figure it out.

    1. I have some ideas for you, more than I can fully share here, so I’ll just start. . .
      Get to know each child on a seriously one-on-one basis. You can do this by scheduling what I called “Special Days” with each child.
      I will create a post about this. For now go to this post for ideas on ways to have fun with your children. http://smoreforwomenblog.org/2011/01/11/family-fun-for-single-moms-kids/

      It’s amazing how much self-esteem and self-awareness can come from just being with the child and affirming who they are.

      1. stephanie · · Reply

        thanks, some of those things we already do, but I need to have move one on one time with each of them. The girls REALLY love having time without big brother.

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