Dating and Single Moms, Are you attracted to your emotional equal?

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One of the SMORE themes is Dating Do’s. Before you begin dating after a breakup or divorce read this.

Dating do's and don'ts with male and female symbols interlocking

Have you completed an autopsy on your previous relationship/s?

An autopsy involves revealing all the problem areas that you may have ignored or refused to acknowledge before. While enjoying the thrills of having a sweetheart it’s common to deny any sour traits. Take some time, take notes, and take charge of your life.

Ask yourself:

  • How did previous relationships begin?
  • What do my previous sweethearts have in common?
  • What attracted me to him?
  • Are there personal actions or reactions that cause problems in my relationships?
  • Do I believe that I deserve a healthy relationship?
  • How did previous relationship/s end?
  • Have the men I’ve chosen been stable and happy people?

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