Love of the U.S.A. in Spite of our Errors

USA flag furled

Proud to be an American

My earliest memories include the anticipation of my big sister and her husband coming home on leave from the Army. Their visits were long but usually just once a year. My other older sister married an Air Force man and they lived in neat places like Hawaii. I wasn’t aware until years later the sacrifices they made to serve our country. Many holidays without family may have been the least of them. Our Army ‘brother’ became a helicopter pilot, served a year in Vietnam-air lifting wounded, and ultimately was President Lyndon Johnson’s private helicopter pilot. Our Air Force ‘brother’ became a pilot for Delta Airlines when he left the Air Force. Patriotism in our family was a given. 

I am fully aware of the mistakes our country has made going back as far as what we did to the Native Americans. I do not intend to make excuses for our errors. All in all, looking at the world historically, I am still proud to be an American. I believe our intentions have been honorable. We have corrected many of our mistakes and continue to work towards that end. We respect each individual’s right to speak their mind. Our military men and women die to preserve that right. So when others are quick to criticize our way of doing things – our pride, I suggest they take a global snapshot and see who has done it better. I, personally, believe in individuals and the amazing accomplishments men and women can and have made to establish a country by the people and for the people. 

Happy 4th of July!

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