How to Bond With Children After a Tired Day at Work

Family fun picture with flip flops

One of the SMORE themes is Bonding with Family Fun which sounds easier than it is, especially for the single mother. This article isn’t written for single moms but has some good ideas none the less. -Gail


Eight hours of work with another few hours in travelling and you are served with one exhausted individual. Add to this the gridlocks that switch your mood. But for every tired parent that comes home there is an enthusiastic child waiting.

So how do you bond with children after a tired day at work? Snarl and throw your temper or have a quick wash and join your kids. Being temperamental will only increase the gap between you and your kids. And if you think it will get better as grow up, you are quite mistaken. The gap gets abominable and a simple conversation will be a painful activity.

Children need both the mother and the father equally. For that special feeling of being loved, cared and always protected. So when you get back home all they want to do is be around you for some attention and lots of love. Give them all of it full heartedly and here’s how.

Make a dish your kid likes once in a while in spite of the food cooked. Go out for an ice-cream or play ball at home. Solve puzzles and make a Lego house. Ask your kids how the day was and what they learnt at school. If there was an awkward situation and how they dealt with it?

You, firstly have to come open in conversations and actions. Tell your kids what happened at work and how you turned a problem into a win-win situation. Only then will your kids open up to the difficulties they are facing. Small instances hassle them, like a friend not taking their call or losing a pencil. But if you laugh and make their problems look petty forget, the trust you want to build.

For working parents, coming home to a relaxing evening is quite tempting. But kids mean forget the blues and put on your enthusiasm boots. And you must leave your office anxiety at the door before you enter home. Office stress and home twists will only lead to a breakdown. And this will hamper your health and life.

Besides you must have a keen interest in your child’s academics. So leaf through the books and encourage your child if the grades don’t look good. Take the books to the garden or have a history lesson at the museum. These exiting moments will not only make it a better learning experience but will also leave a lasting impression of your interest in your child.

In return they may study better or finish homework faster so that they can be ready for an outing when you get back from work. This way you have less on your plate and are happier when all schoolwork is done. Bond with a cuddle or a kiss. Participate in their projects and teach them to save. Say a small prayer together at night and give them a goodnight kiss. All these go a long way in building your child’s relationship like no other.

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