Making Family Bonding More Fun

Bonding with Family Fun is one of the eight SMORE themes because we know that having fun together creates lasting memories that keep a family connected.  -Gail, Founder of SMORE for Women

By William G. Steinmetz

Whether you have a family of your own or you are still living with your parents, family bonding is always something that should be taken into consideration. Even if you see every member of your family every single day, bonding is still necessary. This is to spend some quality time together with the people who matters to you the most. Compared to
the families that do not care to spend some time together, your relationship with your family will definitely be healthier and stronger. Bonding does not have to involve a lot of money for luxurious trips because even simple things and activities done together will be enough and here are some of those.

If you already have kids of your own, reading some fairytale books and books that are full of adventure and fantasies to them would be great. This does not require you to spend a single cent, just your skills, creativity, imagination, time and your effort. You have to be creative in some way to avoid your kids from getting bored and feel sleepy. You
have to be entertaining by showing some facial expressions according to what you are telling them and change the tone of your voice. Adding some sound effects will also add up to their excitement.

Playing some family games would also be a good way to bond. You and your family can play bean bag toss game, hide and seek, dodge ball, basketball or maybe some board games like chess and scrabble. You can ask other members of your family as to what kind of game they want to play. Playing games with your family would even be perfect if it would be done in a spacious and beautiful place like parks. You might also want to consider bringing some foods because everyone will surely get hungry after having fun. So after playing, you and your family can also have picnic.

Doing the things that you and your family love to do is also a good idea. Sharing the same interest with your love ones is definitely an effective way to strengthen the bond in your family. If all of you love to cook, then the kitchen would be the best place to spend some quality time together. If it’s dancing, singing, swimming or cycling that makes
you all happy, then let it be. With this, you can make sure that everyone is having fun and not just yourself.

All these things just prove that even the simplest things like watching movies, eating and doing the house chores when done together with your family can already be a good and fun way to bond. But of course, if you have a lot of time to spare and some extra money, you can still treat your family on a trip. You can consider going to wonderful beaches or some popular tourist spots near your place. As long as you and your family can spend some quality time together and everyone is having fun, it’s good enough.

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