Fun with Kermit

One of the SMORE themes is Bonding with Family Fun. It is the fun you will remember-but you are the one that must make it happen.

Kermit figure

After I was divorced and when I was hired by a school district forty minutes north of our home I knew I needed a car that got better gas mileage. I found a kelly green Toyota station wagon and thought I was lucky when I bought it for $3000 from the previous owner, an ex Marine. It was a standard stick shift and I hadn’t driven a standard in years. After piling all three children into it and heading down the road, I quickly realized this would take some practice. As we lurched along, one of the kids said, “Mom, why are we jumping? It’s like Kermit the frog.”

So, our “new” car became known as Kermit. We hung a tiny Kermit from the rear view mirror. We traveled many miles in our Kermit. And to this day the Kermit that hung from the windshield holds a special place in the china cabinet in my kitchen.

Me with Kermit sign

You can imagine my thrill when we happened to stop here in Leland, Mississippi, on our trip home from Memphis.

Make life fun when at all possible. It’s up to you.

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