The Mess of Christmas

    My spiritual director, Janet Davis, reminded me what a mess the first Christmas was. Not only was the world in a dark place the specifics surrounding the first Gift of Christmas seemed all out-of-order.

Mary, a very young unmarried virgin, becomes pregnant. Her fiancée’ wasn’t included or consulted. The angel came to him -a little after the crucial fact it seems.

What a mess!

Then this law for a census requiring everyone to travel to place of their birth. Riding on a donkey!  I can’t even imagine-my brain won’t let me go there-riding on a donkey while nine months pregnant.

What a mess!

No Holiday Inn, Hilton or even Motel 6. No bed. The smell of manure. Going through labor with no linens, and no midwife.

What a mess!

Shepherds make interesting guests. These guys hang around with sheep. They wear, probably own, just one garment. With no razors,  no deodorant, and no showers. Ragged and rough guests- Came to see the newborn CHRIST child.

What a mess!

And yet. . .

The Gift came that changed the course of history. Christ’s birth upset even Herod the King. He didn’t want this change.  The Jewish religious community didn’t welcome Him. He  certainly wasn’t the change they wanted.

And yet, in the middle of the mess. . .

There was Holiness.

When your life is a mess-

                       Do you see holiness? Or. . .

                       Do you see Christ only in the lovely?

Christ lived through many a mess and died in what could be called the most awful mess in history.

Even in your personal mess,

 Look for the holiness.

Thank you, Janet, for your marvelous insight. 


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