Boundaries for Complaint Single Moms

Our class discussion yesterday focused on how we are compliant when we should stand firm, without feeling guilty. We also talked about how others overstep and cause problems in our lives and what to do about it-and not feel guilty. Next week we will discuss the Avoidant.

Setting boundaries is very different for each of us. We approach it with our own set of backgrounds including previous relationships.

  1. You may be a compliant if – you say “yes” to the bad (or what may be ‘bad’ for you.)
  2. You may be an avoidant if – you say “no” to the good.
  3. You may be a controller if – you try to change others or can’t accept others as they are.
  4. You may be a nonresponsive if – you have trouble noticing the needs of those around you or you feel incomplete in yourself.

You may have good boundaries in relationships and not good functional ones.

As a single mom learning how you approach boundaries will help you teach your children and could change your life.

Taken from book by Cloud and Townsend

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