Single Adult Conference-Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT)

I presented a session for the Single Adult conference titled, “The Amazing GRACE of Aloneness.”

Prior to the event many of you sent in your thoughts on being alone. I will share one now with others to follow.

Being alone is something that used to terrify me.  The thought of having no one to share my life, to help parent, to assist with finances, or (can I dare say it?) enjoy sex with sounded like the worst possible scenario for my life.  I have been single for 20 years now and though I have had 2 significant relationships in that time neither of them proved to be the one most important, stable, loving one of all…..and that is the relationship I have found in Jesus.  I stumbled and fell down hard and I guess it took that for God to get my attention.  Alone, without a man in my life, I got my act together.  I started to value myself more because I realized that God the Father values me.  He set a new standard and I’m trusting in him for everything.  It has not been easy, but I know that this “desert” experience has taught me a great deal about myself and my God.  He is with me always and though it would be nice to meet a man and fall in love….I’m not going to sacrifice all that I’ve gained through my relationship with Christ just to have one with a man.  The desperation is gone and has been replaced with peace and a trust in my Savior that all things work out according to His will and intentions for my good….always.

Cindy Henning

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