Is it love?

I’ve thought about love this February. We see all around us the pretty red hearts, candy, and roses. Beautiful greeting cards of Love. Are we demonstrating real love? The relationship you are in-is it love?

Love is a verb.

My mother died ten years ago today. I learned mostly about love from her, not that she ever said much about it. She simply lived it. She was love in action.

I’ve heard it said our children will not do as we tell them to do. They will watch and it is the impression we leave that will make a difference to them and the choices they make. Imagine you are walking along and stumble on a rock and fall into the mud. It’s the impression you leave when you sink into the muck of life that your children will notice.

“If human love does not carry a man beyond himself, it is not love.” -Oswald Chambers

Mothers show God-love daily. Romantic love, though different, should stretch itself past the flowers and chocolates to the action. It’s not always comfortable or fun. Some days it’s just daily grunt work. In the long run it is the lasting, kind, understanding, forgiving, and serving of one another.

Is it love? What do you think?

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