Finding Fulfillment from Going It Alone by Michele Howe

Michele Howe

Going It Alone

For those of you who are following our book study of Going It Alone  by Michele Howe and published by Hendrickson, here are the thoughts for the week.

Chapter 5

“Finding Fulfillment:  Spreading Your Horizons as a Single Mom”

1. Do you schedule family activities?

2. Do you include time for doing something you enjoy?

(From “Plan Today for Tomorrow” in Going It Alone.)

  • Set a reasonable time schedule.
  • Make a list of your long- and short-term personal achievement goals.
  • Choose one activity from both your long- and short-term goals and start gathering pertinent information for both tasks.
  • Enjoy some well-earned time for yourself.

3. Do you spend any time away from your children other than work? If so, how do you spend that time?

4. What reasonable goals for yourself might you achieve as a single woman

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