The Table Experience by Devi Titus

silverware set

    I met Devi Titus in September, but I just finished reading her recent book, The Table Experience. It has had such a real impact on me that I want to share it with every mom I know. The subtitle of the book is “Discover what creates deeper, more meaningful relationships.” Isn’t that what we want for our families?

    The book is laid out in three parts: The Table is a Place of Purpose, The Table Is a Place of Provision, and The Table Is a Place of Participation. Devi gives us an easy read and some terrific thoughts along with a most meaningful message.

    I heard just this month in a television interview that research is also supporting the fact that children in families that have meals together are less likely to use drugs. I have also heard that children who share meals with family during the week make better grades.

A wonderfully simple solution to life’s complicated problems. How often does that happen?

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