Summertime & Kids with Different Personalities

Mother and Children Enjoying a Fun Moment

Kids All Have a Unique Personality

Just because your kids are home for the summer doesn’t mean they will all enjoy the same activities. Let’s look at the personality differences and how that determines what they each enjoy.

The Popular Sanguine kid-just wants to have fun. They love laughter and parties. They must have friends around and lots-I do mean lots-of attention and approval from others.

The Powerful Choleric kid-will do better if given the chance to accomplish something. Even work is a pleasure for them. But be sure to reward with payment and praise.

The Perfect Melancholy kid-may take a while to get around to it but does like achieving a goal if they are given the time to do it their way and well. They will read, play chess, analyze and create. Find their talent and feed it.

The Peaceful Phlegmatic-may still be in bed. They will not demand much of you and you have to be careful if you want something productive from them. Gently urge in the direction you want them to go-never nag.

If you don’t know how to identify the personalities of your children, get a Wired That Way profile.


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