Bonding with Family Fun

Two cute little girls with face paintings

It’s too hot to send the kids outside these days. What a good time to make memories inside-together. Here are some ideas from Going It Alone by Michele Howe. This book can be purchased in our Online store [ ] or wherever books are sold.

  • Have a chess or checkers marathon.
  • Gather all the loose family photos and place them in photo albums. Decorate the albums with silly stickers and funny captions under individual photos.
  • Place charade ideas inside balloons, then inflate the balloons.  Each person selects a balloon, pops it, and then acts of the charade for the rest of the family.
  • Read bedtime stories by flashlight under the covers.
  • Sponsor a family film fest.  Rent or borrow several movies.  Set up a kitchen concession stand complete with beverages, popcorn, and candy.
  • Give each other facials using commercial mud masks.  Do manicures and pedicures using glittery nail polish.
  • Make an indoor tent city.  Use tables, chairs, furniture, and sheets for covering.
  • Sponsor a silly sports night.  Each person makes up the silliest game possible and teaches the rest of the family to play.
  • Do face painting on the entire family (including mom).  Take pictures and send them to distant friends and family.Lance as B creature
  • String buttons on thread and make necklaces
  • Design a family motto T-shirt using puff paints, glitter, buttons, and old broken jewelry.
  • Take turns reading the funny papers aloud at dinner time.
  • Have a jigsaw puzzle contest.  Distribute to teams or individuals puzzles having the same number of pieces, then race to see who completes their puzzle first. 
  • Buy a goldfish.  Give it a sophisticated name.  Keep it in a glass jar on your kitchen counter
  • Bring sleeping bags into the living room.  Turn off the lights and take turns telling stories until bedtime.
  • Have a topsy-turvy day.  Do everything in backward order.  Brush teeth before eating.  Turn clothes inside out.  Eat dinner for breakfast. 
  • Play Bingo.  Purchase prizes at a local dollar store.
  • Just for fun, set back all the clocks in your house two hours.  Give the kids the extra time to play before bedtime.
  • Rearrange bedroom furniture.  Add posters or simply change decorations around to create a new look.
  • Teach your children how to short-sheet a bed.
  • Have a musical smorgasbord.  For the entire day, put on a different type of music every hour. 

Enjoy your summer. It-like childhood- will be over before you know what happened.

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