What’s Under the Surface in Your Life?

Sweet potatoes

Look Deeply

I love gardening-flowers that is. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. Recently I was cleaning out a large planter basket from last season. It had a tiny remaining sprig of sweet potato vine  but I never anticipated what happened next. As I dug out the old weeds and left over roots I hit something hard.

You’ve probably guessed it-sweet potatoes. Not just one, but several, filled the basket.

I was totally surprised as I uncovered all these potatoes. Which caused me to wonder-what about all the issues we have hidden under the surface in our lives. As a single mother you may find that you are covering past hurts, heartaches, and disappointments. You may be thinking that no one cares and certainly no one wants to see your buried burdens.

I happen to enjoy eating sweet potatoes, especially baked with brown sugar and marshmellows on top. Most of us prefer to hid our issues of pain, disappointment and unforgiveness from those around us. Sometimes, however, it is healthy to share.

I suggest you find someone, another single mom, perhaps or an older woman who is a good listener. It is spring and time to uncover the old and start with new plantings. The blossoms will bless you!

I’d love to hear about your blossoms.

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