After Christmas

We made it through –  Christmas that is. And hopefully with no hurt feelings or cross words. I hope you did too. Isn’t it unfortunate that during the season when we celebrate Love being sent into the world, so often there is not enough of it? We rush, we buy, we cook, we clean, and sometimes we enjoy all our efforts to create a special time. It seems to me there is usually a let down afterwards. Could our expectations be too high or possibly just plain wrong?

We live with many ideas that are not necessarily accurate. For example I read the other day that there probably wasn’t an uncaring Inn Keeper and the Holy Family most likely stayed with relatives in a crowded situation. Yes, Mary may have cleaned out a manger for the Babe like we might use a laundry basket or a bureau drawer. This may not have been how Mary invisioned it to be. How often we make assumptions about how our lives and the events in them should go. I like the phrase in the Serenity Prayer that says, “Accepting as He did this world as it is and not as I would have it.” Let us learn this year to live lives of acceptance, enjoying each day with enthusiasm.

My love to all of you single moms out there.

Truly, Gail

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