Reba and Gail in Biloxi

Just before this photo was taken I said this one is for my Single Moms and Reba said, “Yes, for the single moms.” She also raved about my outfit which is one of her lines of clothing (and I might add how good she said I looked in it-that really made my day!!) . I also met Kelly Clarkson for you younger moms. She is adorable. She came up to me stuck out her hand and said, “Hello, I’m Kelly.” I laughed and said, “Honey, I know who you are.” She laughed.

We had this opportunity thanks to Jason Halbert who is Kelly’s music director. His mother, Stephanie Blackstone, is a friend of mine and he and my daughter, Treva, were raised together. For more about Stephanie and her work, you may read the story of “These Boots Were Made for. . . Russian Orphans” on my web site . It is about an experience Stephanie had.

At the close of the concert they sang “Fancy” and it hit me as it usually does-how close so many women are to being put in compromising situations. I love you all. Keep the Faith!!



  1. Samantha Ramirez · · Reply

    Hi, my name is Samantha I currently live in Hudson tx I’m living with my boyfriend and having some complications. I have 2 beautiful lil girls 3 year old Nallely Amelia Lazcano and a 6 month old Jocelynn Ivonne Ramirez. They are my world my everything… And because of them I wanna make this change to my life, I heard of your program and absolutely love it, but only thing is tht I have no GED or High School Diploma I was wondering if I can still get in and go to school for my GED and then continue attending school.. I have no car nor do I have anyone to watch over my girls. So please I am literally begging I really need this! Please call me at (936)208-0840

    1. Hi Samantha,
      Have you thought of getting your GED online? Then you could consider going to Buckner Family Place in Lufkin or one of the others in Texas.

  2. Gail ~
    Your smile tells it alll!

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