Single Mom in Africa

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Single mothers the world over have similar heartaches. This is a story from a mother in Uganda. I’m sure you can identify with her feelings though your lifestyle may be vastly different.

I left my country Kenya in 1997 for studies in Uganda, which took me two years. After my studies Diploma in Theology, I was given a job at the university as a front receptionist, and that is where I met William a Ugandan who was a degree student in the same college. I loved William and it came to a time when he proposed marriage and because I loved him so much I accepted to get married to him, though I saw many negative things about William in courtship, I still loved him and hoped that things will change after some time.  These did not happen in fact I got disappointed the first night if our wedding when William went away and came back at 3:00 am, and then left at 6:00 am and returned at 1pm. I thought in my heart that William was just trying to sort out some things after the wedding, but I was wrong. Life turned out to be like that until the next four years. During that period William never wanted us to have a child, but I wanted so much to have a child because I was so lonely in my marriage.


Feb 2002, I took off a week of prayer and fasting while William was away on his business trips, and when he returned God did a miracle and I conceived. I was very excited and thought he was going to share my joy. But all he did after sharing with him the news, he denied being responsible for the pregnancy, I wholeheartedly thanked God for my forthcoming baby and trusted him for provision since I had stopped working and William was not willing to look after us.


God is a God of miracles, it was at that time when Mission Africa came in and chose me to be part of the team. They were very supportive during my pregnancy and even after. When my daughter turned two years I decided to separate with William since I was married but living a single life. For the last three years I have see God providing for us and strengthening me.


The greatest challenge I have as a mother is, my daughter keeps asking me about her dad. I love my daughter so much that I don’t desire to see her grow without a father, but the truth is William has never been a father to her. During lonely moments, I long for someone to tell me he loves me, someone to share my tears and joys, but the challenge is I end up meeting people who are married. I have never wished to interfere with anyone’s marriage because I am a Christian and I know how much cheating hurts in marriage. At this point, I thought about single mothers who do not have someone to support them like Mission Africa supports me, mothers who depend on different men to earn a living, risking their own lives to take care of their children, and my heart bleeds because of them.


I understand the pain and anguish of a single mother, the dilemma about relationships especially without Christ and my heart calls deep, to feel God touching the life of every single  mother and together I believe we can stand holy as single moms as long as we surrender our anguish, pain, and dilemma to Jesus Christ. He has give me the strength to go an extra mile, but I still desire to have someone speak in my life about relationships and love in the life of a single mom.


Be blessed now and Forever.



  1. i read your story it’s really great…’!! AN SAD AT THE SAME TIME..’!!

    1. Glad to know it touched you. I tell people frequently that I hear from mothers in Africa and elsewhere in the world. Mother’s share the same undying love for their children. No matter where they live.
      Good to hear from you!

  2. Donna Erickson · · Reply

    You are such a strong, committed young mother. Your daughter is so fortunate to have a mother that her strength comes from the Lord. I will pray for and your daughter for your daily needs and your future and to bring Christian relationships to your life.

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