Money Matters and the Single Mom

Piggy Bank with dollars sticking out

Money Does Matter

According to Larry Burkett in his book, The Financial Guide for the Single Parent, “The three big expenses in any single parent’s budget are housing, cars, and kids,-in that order.” If you are a single mother you probably don’t need an author to tell you that. And you may believe there is nothing you can do about any of the three. You may feel stuck.  I vividly recall month after month reworking a budget, trying to figure out how to pay for everything. I’m sure you do the same.

Another approach mentioned by Patrice Karst in her cute book, The Single Mother’s Survival Guide, is to “. . .ask yourself how you can create more money coming into your life rather than asking yourself, ‘How can I scrimp and save just enough to get by?'” It is always easier to complain about limitations than to focus our attention above the hurdle and run forward.

One Christmas I simply didn’t know how I would provide the gifts expected from Santa. I had a fair income, but with three children, a house note, car note, and unexpected medical bills. I didn’t have extra for Christmas. I was an art teacher at the time and so I used what I had. I painted sweat shirts for friends who were heppy to pay for a unique gift. I made very little but it helped to get through the expensive season.

Recently I read a story from Scripps Howard News Service about Brock Schenk, a teenager, who didn’t sit around watching TV or video games, but started his own business harvesting wheat. There are numerous stories of what can be done with a “Can Do” attitude.

It sure beats the alternative.

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    Many Blessings,

    Patrice Karst

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