Words Can Hurt

Tongues of flames

Ugly words have been in the news this week. Unless your head (& ears) have been in the sand you know that Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck had an emotional interchange on The View regarding the N-word. Whoopie’s premise being a word is what you make it. And that the Black community has taken the word and recreated it for their own purposes. Elizabeth saying it brings back awful connotations and shouldn’t be used or acceptable by anyone.

Though I’m very fond of Whoopi and consider her to be an intelligent and thoughtful woman-I’m with Elizabeth on this one.

More importantly I want to convey to all single parents that words are the very essence of our lives. It is with words that we love, hate, build and tear down. Words can starts wars. Words establish nations. Some words carry great meaning, other powerful memories.

I still remember some of the words spoken to me by my parents more than many years ago. I’m sure that you do also. You probably remember other words spoken to you at a young age.

I often ask audiences why we call them “tongues of fire.”  The potential of a flame is not unlike the potential of the tongue. It’s taken me many years and many regretable words to come to know that the damage and the wounds of words is greater than sticks or stones.

So-if you can convey the same meaning without hurting anyone, intimidating anyone, or tearing down anyone-use those words.

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