The Strength of Single Moms and Grace


Here at SMORE for Women we concentrate on growing strengths. I do think that is an appropriate goal, however, the more I observe single mothers and the more books I read about them, the more I am convinced that single moms are already the strongest women on the planet. Some may have come to be in their unfortunate situations by poor choices, but everyone makes poor choices from time to time. Haven’t we all said, “But for the grace of God. . .?” As I’ve said before- single mothers didn’t come to be mothers alone. (except perhaps for a tiny minority) Motherhood begins with a union of two. Once single these women become amazing in their strength to overcome and carry on.

I recently learned about a place in Houston called Gracewood. It is part of the Children At Heart family of ministries, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that also includes Miracle Farm, Brenham; STARRY and Texas Baptist Children’s Home, Round Rock. It’s a residential program for mothers and their children fleeing homelessness and other crisis situations that threaten the safety and stability of the family.  Once again people coming together to provide a safety net for the single mom.

I like the name GRACEwood. In my theology Grace is the essence of the gospel. I encourage you to visit Gracewood. Perhaps you know a mom that could use a little grace.

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