The Switching Hour: Kids of Divorce Say Good-bye Again

clipart of male image separated by broken heart from female image with a girl and boy image next to herThe Switching Hour

A new book is out written by Dr. Evon Flesberg and published by Abingdon Press. It may be very helpful to single moms (and dads). I’ll share what I’ve read about it.

“The ‘switching hour’ is that time, both hoped for and dreaded, when children become the objects of a house-to-house handoff, as they shuttle between divorced parents.”

“The Switching Hour is both a time and a metaphor for the life of children whose parents are no longer a couple sharing a home. It is that time when children are physically transported from one parent’s home to the other’s.”

The author, Evon O. Flesberg, Ph.D., M.Div.,LCPT works with children, parents, and families in her counseling practice in Nashville, Tennessee.


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