Single Mothers, the New Poor

Two attractive women at work

It may not be a new term, the “New Poor” but it doesn’t matter if it applies to you. The more single moms I talk with the more I admire the tenacity and overcoming spirit they possess as they deal with their changed economic status. The decision to become a parent is never made alone and yet single moms are often left alone to shoulder the responsibilities of parenthood. There are organizations with programs to assist single mothers and they do offer real solutions in some cases. I will attempt to provide information about them and am open to receiving information about any programs, grants, or other services that any of you are aware of.

The WMU (Women’s Missionary Union) has an organization called Christian Women’s Job Corp.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for posting this! I agree that single moms are the new poor. I was/am a single mom and used to average a “salary” of $8 – $10K per year for years and years with little to no child support, no way to pay for child care, etc. etc. BUT…I still felt better and smarter than most of the married moms I knew and lived as if nothing stood in my way. I guess my parents gave me a really good sense of self! Anyway, I worked really hard and pulled myself out of it, slowly but surely. It was a long haul.

    I’m glad that you are providing information about organizations to assist single moms. Mine daughter is in college now, but many single moms have stepped into my place and need help. There wasn’t much out there when I was raising my daughter. Your blog looks to be a great resource!

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