What Does Buckner Offer Single Moms? A Place of Hope

Group in front of one of the apartments at Buckner Family Place

Buckner Family Place – Lufkin, Texas

Last Friday I had the privilege of visiting a truly inspiring establishment. I went to Lufkin, Texas to learn more about the Buckner Family Place. As stated in their brochure, “Buckner Family Place programs help participants break the cycle of welfare dependence, reduce domestic violence in homes and eliminate incidents of child abuse while building stronger families through security and education.”

After meeting with administrators I met a few of the single moms. I saw how a genuine and caring program can break the cycle of povery and build confidence and job skills. It is creating futures for moms and their chldren.

There are fourty apartments in the Lufkin facility. There are similar facilities in Dallas, Lubbock, Midland and soon there will be two more in Conroe and Amarillo Texas. By collaborating with colleges and government agencies it is possible for single mothers to return to college and become self supporting. Along the way their self-worth gets a boost and their children can learn by example the value of education.

Learn more about the Buckner Family Place programs at www.bucknerchldren.org or call 214-758-8023.

Buckner Family Place in Lufkin, Texas 936-637-3300


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  2. There are people who want to see this happen. One of our church members is on the Buckner Board and we are talking about the possibility.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great to have a similiar facility in our area. It is so needed.

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